After You Graduate

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What to do next?

After you graduate from SPC, you can be sure to have at least two great benefits. First is boosting your English skills throughout the time you study at SPC and the second is the friends you make from many different countries and many different backgrounds

You can study

Australia offers many options for further study and you can prepare yourself for profiency tests with SPC. IELTS and Cambridge Exams Preparation Courses are offered by the schools and it might be a good idea if your plan is moving on to VET courses or Higher Education Programs

You can travel

Australia has countless tourist attractions for all kinds of travellers and depending on where yoy come from, it might be expensive to come back another time to see a new city. Make sure you organise some time to visit the Opera House, the Great Ocean Road, the Uluru and many other places that are a great 3- hour flight apart from each other.

You can work

Depending on what visa you hold, you might be able to work part of full time in Australia. Many students engage in job experiences (mostly in the hospitalary field) to help them save some money for their next trips

Make sure you apply for your Tax File Number and participate on SPC’s job workshops to get job-ready!


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Our Graduate Says…

Graduate Insights: Echoes of Success

I strongly recommend this place. I learned English here for 2 months 3 years ago. The teachers and mentors were really kind and pleasant. The space was both nature-friendly and cozy. You can have a good time with your friends in this lovely space. The memory here was beautiful.

Jo Gye Hong

South Korea

Through Weiwei’s introduction, I met and applied for SPC. The school environment is very good. There are rooms for four people, but they are never full. The school has a swimming pool and a small gym where you can pet cats, dogs, and sheep. The school’s mangoes are very sweet. The class teachers are very good and there are students from all over the world and the school requires English to be spoken on campus, which helps me. 

Jiang Grace


Teachers in SPC are very special! I’m always amazed at their teaching methods. I take classes for 5 hours a day, but I never get bored. There are lots of activities, small talks with friends, and group work after short surveys. The teachers give us a homework every day. The next day, we check the homework by ourselves. During that time, our teachers answer some questions privately. 

Junghyun Choi


I am currently living in SPC. I am taking the general English course and I have been able to notice my progress in the language. The teachers are so good and pretty kind, they strive to improve my level of English, they even organise activities that allow me to improve every day. We must read a book every week, which seems to me absolutely great since it improves my vocabulary and I get used to the language much faster. 

Hasbleydi Lopez


This is by far the best place to not only learn English and become a confident English speaker, but you also to meet great people that more often than not, tend to stay as a part of your life, amazing teachers and great staff.

Raymi Utria