Study Tour Program


Minimun Age

  • 10 Years


  • Begginer
  • Elementary
  • Pre – Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper Intermediate
  • Advanced


  • We are able to customise

Extra Support

  • We are able to customise the duration, activities and the ESL lessons
  • Secure Online Photo album
  • SPC tour conductor travells together

Who is this course for?

The Study Tour Program caters to international students, educational groups, and institutions seeking a tailored learning experience in Australia. Whether you are a group of high school students looking to broaden your horizons, a university delegation interested in academic exchanges, or a professional organization aiming to explore a specific industry or field, this program is designed to meet your educational objectives while immersing you in Australian culture and society.

Course Description

SPC’s Study Tour offers a unique blend of academic study, cultural immersion, and experiential learning opportunities. Participants will engage in customized coursework and workshops designed to meet their specific interests and academic goals. Additionally, the program includes cultural excursions, site visits, and interactive activities that allow participants to experience the richness and diversity of Australian life firsthand.

Prerequisite Knowledge

The Study Tour Program welcomes participants of all backgrounds and academic levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, our program can be tailored to accommodate your needs and preferences. Prior knowledge of English is helpful but not required, as language support and assistance will be provided throughout the program.

Skills Developed

  • Enhanced understanding of Australian culture, society, and history
  • Improved English language proficiency through immersive learning experiences
  • Development of critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills
  • Exposure to academic disciplines, industries, and professional practices relevant to participants’ interests and goals

At Sun Pacific College we complement the learning with daily journal writing. This not only enhances the students’ writing ability, but serves as a memory of their time with us.

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